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В адрес ФШПО поступило приглашение на участие шахматном Фестивале в Хорватии.

Dear chess friends,

Chess club Rijeka, from Rijeka, Croatia, were the organizers of the 11th, most successfully organized, European individual men and women chess championship held in 2010 and will organize the traditional Open chess tournament Mediterranean 2017. Chess club Rijeka is honoured to invite you to take part in the Chess festivalhttp://pskovchess.ru/upload/5thMediterranean_2017.pdf which will be held from November 12th to November 27th, 2011.

Mr. Ivo Josipovic, the president of the Republic of Croatia, is a sponsor of this chess manifestation, while the Mountain-Litoral county and the City of Rijeka are co-sponsors of this big event.

As a part of the Chess festival, the 5th Mediterranean 2017 open chess tournament will be held, starting on November 12th and closing on November 19th, 2011.

The 21st World senior men and women chess championship will start on November 14th and close on November 27th, 2011.

The 5th Mediterranean 2017 open tournament will be held in the city of Rijeka, in the biggest and most equipped chess playing facility in Europe, while the 21st World senior men and women chess championship will be held in Congress centre Tamaris in Opatija, a resort famous for its long wellness and tourism tradition.
In cooperation with the Opatija's biggest hotel groups, Milenij hotels and Grand hotel Adriatic, the Organizer has arranged for a very favourable accommodation conditions.

We are inviting you to visit the site http://www.rijekachess.com

where you can find more about the above tournaments and register your participation at one or both events.

Combine pleasure and benefits - compare your chess virtues against players from every corner of the world, enjoy the Mediterranean climate, take relaxing walks by famous lungo-mare promenade in Opatija and taste world's gastronomic specialties.

Chess club Rijeka and the city of Opatija are here to welcome you with great joy and hospitality.

Srdjan Zelenika,

Deputy festival director
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